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1991 E-One
Engine 3 is a 1991 Emergency-One. This apparatus was originally purchased and put in to service as a Rescue Pumper. It has the distinction of being the first
Rescue Pumper ever made by E-One. When the department retired and sold our 1978 Ward LaFrance, this rig was converted to an engine
and a new Rescue Pumper was purchased with increased compartmentation.

1991 E-One Cyclone
Is 1st due on all structure fire, out door fire and noxious odor type calls.
  "what'cha got on this thing"?
Engine 3 has a 1500 gpm pump, carries 1500 gallons of water, 25 gallons of foam, 1300 feet of four inch supply line, several ground ladders and numerous attack lines. Being a custom designed piece of apparatus, a few luxuries were added to promote the "work smarter, not harder" theory. A ladder rack, for a 24' extention 10' folding attic and 14' roof ladders as well as two 8' pike poles, was put on a hydraulic lift to allow for the addition of high side compartments on the right side of the rig. This system also allows for the firefighter to bring the ladders down to shoulder height. A raised "command" cab and air conditioning were also added to the design.

visit E-One's website here

Squad Co.
The Squad falls under the direction of the Engine Co. and is a 2003 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab chassis, with a Brand-FX poly-body built  locally by Tracey's American LaFrance. The vehicle has a 6.0 liter powerplant and automatic transmission. The unit carries a 8000 pound portable winch that is able to be used in either the front or rear via class 3 reciever hitchs.The vehicle also carries back-pack pumps for brush fires, small sump type pumps for water problems, SCBA's, assorted hand / forcible entry tools and EMS equipment.

The Squad responds with a crew of 4 personnel and is used as a support vehicle for the other companies in the department by transporting additional manpower to the scene. It serves as a back up for EMS calls when Rescue 1 is unavailable to respond.

It is also assigned as the current vehicle for our High Angle Rescue Team.

Click on picture to visit American LaFrance's web site.

Engine 1
Engine 1 is a 1947 Ford F-7 built by Sanford Fire Apparatus of Syracuse. It is the first motorized rig purchased new by the department.

In 2002, a few of our members took it upon themselves to resurrect this piece from it's long hibernation.
After discovering the factory engine block had to be replaced, the hunt was on for another one. Salvage yards were scoured, websites were browsed and phone calls were made, until a workable replacement was located. Once the "new" block was purchased, re-built and installed, the entire electrical system was converted from 6 volt positive ground, to a normal 12 volt negative ground. All this was done on the premises by our members, on a budget of only 3,000.